Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tool 8: Getting to Know the Tools

I am pretty familiar with the tools we are going to be provided, so there is very little information here that I would consider to be new. Although since the students will have to log in using their own credentials, it could be tough to integrate the netbooks into my activities if this process takes a long time.

My initial plan is to have the netbooks set up as a designated station for days they will be in use. Depending on the group activity, there will be a point in the day where students rotate to that station to record what they have learned or answer any questions I have. I will probably set the computers up on the side of the room for space reasons.

The iPads will be used as a station but also at times one will be given one to a group for recording data or watching something that integrates with the lesson. All the iPads will be tied to a single iTunes account so that I can quickly distribute the same apps to all of them. I am considering using this account with another teacher's iPad set so that if necessary one of us can use eight iPads for an activity instead of the four we are given.

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