Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tool 11: Reflection

I find that the iPads will probably be my most frequently used tool. My main application will be for spreadsheets, documents, and high res graphing calculator. Typically I have data recorded in a notebook, but it will be a lot faster to share information if the class contributes to one spreadsheet that we can all look at together. there area  few Algebra II activities that would work well here.

My thinking about my classroom has not changed much. There is already a lot of technology in place and we make use of a lot of online resources already. The change this year will be giving the kids a chance to get at it themselves through the use of my devices. I am already set up for displaying work that is done on the devices through cloud sharing and an iPad VGA Adapter.

I didn't have any unexpected outcomes, I was familiar with a lot of the tools that were presented here. I am a little disappointed that there aren't a lot of quality resources listed for higher level math, most tools are more appropriate for a social studies or English classroom. A lot of times when working on math the best tool is a notebook, pencil, and someone to talk to.

Goodbye 11 Tools, I'll miss you.


  1. Learning is social! I agree - I enjoy having someone to think things through with or discuss ideas! There are several "tutorial" type apps - educreations, screenchomp, etc. that could be used for pairing or group work to record the thinking... We'll keep looking. What do you think of Dan Meyer's work?

  2. I have stumbled upon a math app called Algebra Touch that seems pretty useful. I have a few of those tutorial apps, still thinking on how best to use though.

    I'm a big Dan fan. Tons of what I do in my class is based on his work. He's even given me feedback on some of the things I've used. If you go to my other blog and poke around you can see what I mean.