Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tool 3: Online Videos and Images

I enjoy making use of videos and images in the classroom as much as possible. I use YouTube and Vimeo the most. Vimeo has the advantage of being used by the kids without any special workarounds.

This video I've used before to introduce our discussion of exponential growth functions. They have financial, biological, and industrial applications that the kids relate to quite well. And this video always makes them gross out a little bit.

I shared this video with my Pre-Calculus students during our study of vectors. It's a great example of the resultant direction of a plane that wants to go forward up against wind that wants to push it sideways.

It is important to cite sources that you use in your lessons. It provides an opportunity to explore more from that author if the kids are interested in other things and it also sets an example for them that created work is not always free for the taking.

I have had a Dropbox account for years. I have it on my home and work computers and it makes creation easy because I never have to worry about where something is stored. It makes collaboration with other people very simple too through the use of shared folders. There is an iPad version that can allow for quick distribution of images/files to the student iPads.

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