Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tool 4: Google Apps

Sharing documents and creating forms with Google Apps is very trivial. I have used it in the past to collaborate on a Teacher U class that I am running this summer and it could be applied for making notes for team meetings or other curriculum projects during the summer when it's hard to get everyone together. Unfortunately, Google Apps is very clunky on iPads so with the students I will probably restrict its use to the netbooks. The forms seems like an interesting way to ask short response questions to an activity or gather information from different groups about errors they saw in an activity, things that went wrong, or interesting things they noted while we were working. I can also use it for feedback surveys to get a feel for how the students feel like their progressing at the end of a grading period for example.

It is definitely something I am going to look into for the fall. Math is always a challenge for this sort of thing as we don't have as many items that require long form writing, though spreadsheets could be handy.

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